The Final Countdown: Wisdom of Don Draper, Twitter’s Offices, and the Future of Fringe


Click on the photo for the Collected Wisdom of Don Draper

If you watch “Mad Men,” it’s likely that this video will just make you depressed that there’s another eight or nine months until Season 4 begins. But it’s still great to see some of Don Draper’s best lines.

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The Countdown

What Twitter’s Office look like for those who care – [The Chive]

Is it possible that Fringe is in trouble? – [UGO]

Game night with Tony Hawk RIDE – [Gonintendo]

Twenty Five awesome home theater systems – [Screenjunkies]

Give out toys and get a lap dance! – [Gunaxin]

Awesome midair bed pictures (no, not that) – [Funtasticus]

Inside Air Force one with Barack Obama – [Top Cultured]

81 Year Old man takes flight in homemade war plane – [Attuworld]

The world if the internet disappeared – [Cracked]

Do you know what Seth MacFarlane’s secret is? – [Chrudat]

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