The Final Countdown: Unintentionally Creepy Movie Romances, The Dude, and a Hooters Dad


Click on the photo for unintentionally creepy movie romances

Somehow, without the filmmakers even noticing, they come up with romantic plotlines that are somewhere between “creepy” and “fuel for your darkest nightmares.”  Which you know, is disturbing.

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The Countdown

The dude abides by singing country and western – [Pajiba]

Dad brings 11-Year-old to Hooters – [Asylum]

Teen calls cops to report parents taking Xbox away – [Double Kill]

First commercial for Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – [Gonintendo]

A whole bunch of random and fun stories – [Althouse]

Sexiness and horror of Beyonce and Lady Gaga video – [Nerve]

49 Mugshots of famous sports stars – [DJ Mick]

10 of the best corrupt movie cops – [Screenjunkies]

Every single “Hey Man” from Dazed and Confused – [Filmdrunk]

Going where no bloopers have gone before – [Supertremendous]

Taking speed painting to the max – [Attuworld]

  • Lagrange

    Haha, number one, exactly what I was thinking.
    And I love that one comment, which says “Only SMeyer could create a pairing that encompassed pedophilia, beastiality and necrophilia ALL IN ONE. “

  • Madison

    I have to say, Overboard is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.

  • Lagrange

    what are the others? tell me!

  • Madison

    @ Lagrange

    Let’s see…Little Shop of Horros is one of my favorites. MASK (not the Jim Carrey one, the one with Cher) really messes me up, and of course, the B-movie Alligator is one of my all-time favorites.

    That’s all I can think of right now…Summer School also comes to mind…