The Final Countdown: The Most Annoying Ad Characters, Terrible Online Sex Advice, and Future Videogames


Click the photo for the most annoying ad characters ever

Advertising is a necessary evil in this modern world of ours.  Sadly, if not for the likes of Ronald McDonald and the Trix Bunny Rabbit, television would never have found its way into the living rooms of billions of homes the world over.  Of course, just because we have to put up with all those ad campaigns, it doesn’t mean we have to like it.

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The Countdown

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Twenty five hot girls posing underwater – [Brobible]

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Naked man stops traffic by dancing on a billboard – [Asylum]

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  • Stink

    I hope this Unreality does not turn into a Fox news hating politically influenced site. First we had funny Fox News signs and now Glen Beck.

  • Zarquon

    I have to ask:
    why do you link to a site that links to the article in stead of immediatly linking to the article?

    I had already read “Ten actors who completely ruined movies ” on, but I thought this was another one.

    It’s not like this lost me a lot of time, but I’m just wondering why you’re doing this

  • Mm sometimes we pull a link from a site and don’t always realize it’s actually a link to a different site. If this seems careless, apologies, but all of us are writing about fifteen different articles a day on various places on the internet (including here), so it happens.