The Final Countdown: Zombieland Show, Quiet People and Batman Games

Go here to read more about the Zombieland TV show.

Yeah, that’s right, Fox is developing a TV show based on Zombieland, which means no sequel. Think it might have something to do with The Walking Dead’s massive numbers? Uh huh.

The Countdown

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  • randon

    are you positive, that there is no zombieland 2? on imdb, it says that its “in development”. and as it said on warmingglow, the tv show would only be based on zombieland, or take the concept as a zombie-comedy.

  • Tim

    Does anyone else think that articles on the Smoking Jacket web site are kind of pointless and run-on? They have interesting headlines for their articles/lists, but when you read through one it’s as if it was thrown together 10 minutes before its deadline. Most of their stuff is all pretty obvious. 10 obvious things comprising a list doesn’t make it a good/interesting read.