The Final Countdown: You’re Being Secretly Monitored, A Made Woman, and Roland Emmerich


Click on the photo for five ways you’re being secretly monitored

It’s so easy to tune out the crazy bloggers and Alex Jones types, screaming that the NWO is watching your every move. After all, these guys are paranoid about everything, all the time, so there’s probably nothing to it. Right?

The Countdown

Sexy Made Men busty redheaded off the market [Pajiba]

Roland Emmerich does Shakespeare – [Filmdrunk]

I absolutely love, I mean love Rachel Bilson – [Screenjunkies]

The Biggie Smalls and Miley Cyrus duet – [Brobible]

Saying goodbye to Darrell Hammond – [Egotvonline]

The Top Ten Mexican standoffs in movies – [Nextround]

A nerdy British comedy that needs to stop – [Topless Robot]

You’ve gotta be insane to do this – [Attuworld]

Is this the world’s coolest star wars collection? – [Asylum]

Maxim’s Hometown hotties finalists – [Gunaxin]

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