The Final Countdown: Young Seinfeld Cast, The Rock is Hercules and Halo’s Story Explained

Go here to see the cast of Seinfeld in their early years.

What did the cast and supporting characters of Seinfeld look like when they were younger? This gallery aims to show you for 16 of the most recognizable faces.

The Countdown

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  • trashcanman

    The thing about Halo is that, while I understood and enjoyed the first 4 games’ stories (including ODST), you shouldn’t have to read all of the novels and whatnot to get the information you need to understand what the hell anybody is saying half the time. You can watch the Star Wars films by themselves and understand what’s going on without all of the expanded universe stuff. Good storytelling means all of the important information is integrated into the story. And if there is too much for classic exposition, put some history lessons in the terminals. And speaking of which, having the terminals download to Waypoint was SSSTTUUUUPPPPIIIDDDDDD. Waypoint won’t let me in because of some weird glitch so I have no idea what’s even on those things. It seems to me that the human/covie war was over last time I checked and the Elites were actually our allies so it’d be nice if I had some idea of why we are fighting them again. And no, I’m not reading a trilogy of novels or mediocre comics books to find out.