The Final Countdown: Worst Movies of the Decade, Annoying Jingles, and The Iron Sheik Tweet


Click on the photo for the 25 worst movies of the decade

In the meantime, RottenTomatoes has compiled the worst 100 of the decade, based on their Tomatometer. You can see the entire list here. However, here are their worst 25, with links to reviews.
The Countdown

The most annoying commercial jingles ever – [Supertremendous]

A day in tweets by the Iron Sheik – [Asylum]

Assassin’s Creed 2 chickens out during its sex scene – [Double Kill]

Please don’t tell me The Hills has a book and movie – [Screenjunkies]

Can you caption the MS New booty picture? – [Doubleviking]

25 Hilarious roller coaster photos – [Holytaco]

This is what true love really is – [Attuworld]

The best and the worst “Baby” cartoons – [Topless Robot]

Waste your time playing Shadow of the Warrior – [On205th]

Your daily female objectification – [Blog of Hilarity]

X Play’s Brutal Legend Special Videos – [G4TV]

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