The Final Countdown: Women in Hollywood, Terrible 100 Episode Shows and Sony’s VR Device


Go here to see four signs 2014 isn’t great for women in Hollywood.

“Look, we get why female characters are underrepresented in Hollywood: It’s not like movies with women as protagonists make huge amounts of money, or win lots of awards, or both.”

The Countdown

Terrible TV shows that hit 100 episodes – [Pajiba]

Sony reveals Project Morpheus VR – [Insert Coin]

Rider Strong coming to Girl Meets World – [TVOvermind]

Physicist learns his theory is correct in touching video – [GeeksAreSexy]

Happy Gilmore’s eight bit video game – [FilmDrunk]

Some rather awesome animal facts – [TheChive]

Watching a designer sweater slowly unravel – [Neatorama]

When Batman meets True Detective – [io9]

Final Spider-Man 2 trailer – [ToplessRobot]

An amazing Christopher Walken dance – [WWIW]

Drinking a gallon of Tabasco in ten minutes – [BroBible]

New trailer for FX’s Fargo – [Heavy]

Humanity’s greeting to alien civilizations – [Caveman]

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