The Final Countdown: Will They Won’t They, Brainwashing and Video Game Aggression

FOX's "The Mindy Project" - Season Two

Go here to see how long it took will they/won’t they couples to get together.

“I took a look at how long it took our favorite television couples to hook-up, whether through a kiss, full-on make-out session, or just some good ol’ lovin’.”

The Countdown

20 ways color and background noise are brainwashing you – [Cracked]

Video game aggression linked to losing, not violence – [Insert Coin]

Pete Holmes does True Detective – [TVOvermind]

A Firefly/LOTR lightsaber fight – [GeeksAreSexy]

I’m convinced this will be a Jimmy Kimmel prank – [WarmingGlow]

A dramatic finish to a soccer game – [TheChive]

Jennifer Garner looks a little different – [TheBlemish]

Tattoo fails for Tuesday – [WWIW]

Stockholm explained with magic tricks – [Izismile]

All 5,000 Game of Thrones deaths in three minutes- [Neatorama]

Seven ways to recover from a devastating sports loss – [BroBible]

Patton Oswalt hosted the Webbys – [Heavy]

A new Ninja Turtles poster – [ToplessRobot]

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