The Final Countdown: War Stories, Jack Reacher and the NRA Blames Video Games

Go here to see the most embarrassing war stories of all time.

“We’ve previously discussed some of the most hilarious ways grown adults, tasked with either the defense or expansion of their nation, have managed to dick things up so completely that it crosses into the realm of comedy. Here are a few more instances of people stepping onstage in the military theater and splitting their pants in front of everyone.”

The Countdown

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  • Jess

    I just wanna shout out, on the “real celebrity names” a lot of them are just dead wrong. Tina Fey’s real name is not “Liz Lemon,” and that was the VERY FIRST ONE! Izismile failed. lol

  • Postal

    I’d rather not sign into Forbes just now so I’ll comment here re: the gun issue. What you are seeing is one industry diverting blame. The gun industry is clearly taking a PR beating. So they are devising a strategy of diverting as much blame as they can on an old culture war standby, the media. Video games, movies, etc… ANYONE except guns. And they have many media accomplices to help them do this. Radio, an entire tv network, etc… And keep in mind, the godless media has always been a scapegoat for people of their political stripe. The groundwork has already been laid decades ago for blaming media for anything that happens.

    This is a quick story about gun violence, or the lack thereof, in Japan. Consider the video game/movie/anime culture in Japan. It’s at least as violent as ours. Why is their gun violence so low compared to ours?

    Obviously there are many factors in these tragedies. But one thing that is very distinctive about American culture is the worship of guns. Yes, I said worship. Guns aren’t just a hobby here, they are a lifestyle. Talking to gun nuts, not just gun enthusiasts, about the negative aspects of guns is very much like talking about evolution or the true age of the Earth with a fundamentalist Christian. They believe guns are all good and cannot be argued with. Once you realize this you can put those Forbes comments into perspective. They will react with a cult like devotion to guns. And any solution, no matter how psychopathic it seems to those not in thrall of guns, that doesn’t infringe on guns will seem reasonable to them.

  • Nick D Pags

    It’s pretty sad that when something like this happens, people are just waiting for the NRA to defend the team.

    Video games are played everywhere in the world but these mass murders don’t seem to happen in many places.

    No one can ever put their finger on why these things happen because their finger usually only goes to one place. And that place is usually away from themself.

    Let’s have a frank assessment of mental health care, gun control and society at large and maybe we’d actually dig a little closer to solutions.

  • Travis

    Hey Paul, are the gun nuts on Forbes as bad as you thought they would be? Great article.

  • Azenomei

    I am absolutely shocked by the fact that anyone would seriously consider bringing armed guards in a school with children.

    There was one shooting incident at a mall in my country and the effect was, even stronger rules for gun owning.
    The people asking for those stronger rules? The gun owners themselfs, because they don’t want to be associated with these kind of situations.

    Paul, you have a strong point, but from what i saw in the comments, a lot of people in the usa are still stuck in the wild west.

  • Bernie

    Well said on the NRA article Paul, I’ve had respect for your views in the past but in this instance you’ve really hit the nail on the head.

  • Tyson

    It’s obvious which is valued more by our society just by looking at where we actually do post a guard that might be able to stop a nutcase bent on going on a shooting spree…

    The Money (banks), and politicians (the White House, Capitol buildings, etc), get the guards.. the schools…(and before anyone starts… I mean the ADULTS at the schools), well they should just have to fend for themselves. Next time I guess they should just start throwing some really sharp pencils at the attacker.

  • Draugr


    you should tell that to Neil Gardner, the armed security guard who was employed by columbine high school and didn’t make a lick of difference. Maybe he didn’t have enough guns? Or maybe he just needed a bigger one! His greatest accomplishment of the evening was going inside and calling the cops.

    Who would have though that people who are ready to go down in a hail of gunfire don’t care that the other people have guns!? The shooters at columbine attended the school, they were very aware there was a person with a gun on the premises.

    Luckily there aren’t very many people like you who think the NRA is talking sense, so I don’t think we have to worry about that.

    You’re ‘think of the children’ defense is one of the more common fallacies employed in bad argumentation.

  • Draugr

    Spelling errors!

    No edit makes me sad. 🙁

  • Nick D Pags

    Wow, the vitriol in the comments on Forbes is insane.

  • Azenomei

    answer me this Tyson, what if these “attackers” couldn’t get any guns?

    the gun laws in my country aren’t that difficult.

    1. you need to be a member of a shooting sport club, in order to become a member you need to get a proof of good conduct (from the police)
    2. when you become a member, the first year you are not allowed to buy a gun, you can train the sport with guns that are available at the shooting sport club. The first half year you are a prospective member, if you don’t follow the rules or act “strange” with the weapons you handle, your out.
    3. After one year you are allowed to buy one gun, it has to be a gun you used regularly the past year in sport events at your club. You choose a gun, go to the police to aply for a license, they ask your club if there is a need for you to own such a gun (did you use it in sport events the past year) and then you can buy one.
    4. you get checked by police if you keep your gun in a safe at home at the proper conditions, you fail to cooperate or fail to keep it in a safe at proper conditions, you loose your gun.
    5. all the people in your club are your fellow shooters, if they suspect something strange or you act weird. They will help you, but if need be, they will kick you out of the club and you will lose your weapon, license and right to join a shooting sport club.
    In my country it is special that you are allowed to own a gun, you must take the responsibility that comes with it.
    If you screw up, you not only screw things up for yourself, but for your fellow sportsman to!

  • Postal

    Found a good video dispelling the myth of these wannabe heroes saving the world with their concealed weapons. From ABC news. Granted, this will not have any affect on those who belong to the cult of guns.

  • bigpartymaker

    I’m a gun owner and I was appalled by the comments on that Forbes article. These people (which I’m starting to be ashamed to be a part of) would love to live in an Old West society. Unbelievable