The Final Countdown: Walking Dead Photos, Online Gaming and Misogyny

Go here to see behind the scenes of The Walking Dead.

It’s all blood and guts every Sunday night, but filming the show looks like a lot of fun when you see this behind the scenes gallery.

The Countdown

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  • Dawkness

    Haha all blood and guys? gotta proofread my dude.

  • Draugr

    Gotta love all the ‘men’s rights’ activists that show up to complain whenever someone writes an article concerning misogyny and video games. It’s like they are devoid of critical thinking skills.

    Like this commenter on the forbes article
    “It still astounds me to this day since this whole pseudo-feminism movement started with that asinine Kickstarter.”

    Haha, please sound more disconnected from reality.

  • trashcanman

    I disagree with your article’s assertion that banning every gamer ever to say something dumb is somehow going to fix the world’s problems….any of them. If anything it’ll only make it worse. The fact is, people are dicks at the best of times and adding semi-anonymity to the mix does nothing to improve that fact. Women deserve respect. But so do men. This is actually the literal definition of that “equality” thing you hear so much about. That is to say if men have to deal with people acting like assholes, I suppose women are going to have to learn to deal with it as well. They are not inferior people, and as non-inferior people, special consideration for their gender is not what they need. What they need is a site like Fat, Slutty, or Ugly, where we “white knight” types can put gamers’ stupidity on display and make it an object of mockery netwide. I love me some hatemail. When somebody goes out of their way to comfort themself by insulting me, I know I’ve broken their fucking brain and won the greatest of victories. Ladies, I suggest you adopt a similar “fuck them” attitude and put your headsets back on. I miss you online.

  • Draugr

    I don’t think anyone is really advocating specific and individual rules governing female sexism and only female sexism/abuse. Just like women do, Men would/do have the option to report abuse. Taking this into account I don’t see this as some special concession to women as you seemed to imply.

    While it may or may not be sexual/ist in nature, though sometimes is (Attacking ones sexual orientation, for example is really popular.) Abuse is something men need to deal with too, though it may be different in nature. (I’m not trying to imply a false equivalency here either, just pointing it out for all those people who think this is something FEMINISTS!!! cooked up.) While some men may just sit there and deal with it, many of us find all the slurs flying around to detract from the game. *Some* gamers always make it as some ‘thick enough skin’ argument, but I’m sure there are plenty of men who play games online who would love for people to take stuff like this more seriously. Not everyone feels like tolerating some 16 year old who just found out he can say racial slurs on the internet without reprecussion. I’m totally okay with online bans. People like to pretend they are innefective but when it comes to something like a console a ban essentially becomes a fine, so I’m okay with people having to pay 40-60 bucks to get back into the game they were assholes to everyone in.
    If people realized that shitting all over other players might involve them having to pay a ‘fine,’ I think there would be plenty of people decrying it as the end of america, but obviously those people are being hyperbolic and it’d be a better environment for everyone, regardless of what’s between their legs.

    The only games where there is a strong presidence for this kind of action is MMO’s, and they’ve shown it’s proven to be quite effective. Nor is it discriminate in any way. Men are provided the same protections as Women. Whether or not they choose to employ it — just as with women, is up to them.

  • anon

    Who gives a fuck about any of that bullshivism..
    Did you guys see todays Walking Dead??? *desperately needs to talk to someone about it*