The Final Countdown: Villain Quotes, Sequel Ruining and Best Selling Games

Go here to see famous lines from the bad guys.

Everyone loves a good villain quote, and this gallery/list has them all. Do you think they’re missing any here?

The Countdown

Little known sequels that ruined iconic stories – [Cracked]

The ten best selling games of the year – [Insert Coin]

The Cosplayer Chronicles – [GeeksAreSexy]

Audition tapes from CW shows – [TVOvermind]

New poster for Spring Breakers – [FilmDrunk]

Get my book here if you want – [Amazon]

How best never means favorite at the Oscars – [Pajiba]

A trip down memory lane – [TheChive]

Today’s girl is Emmy Rossum – [Maxim]

Six tips for meeting your girlfriend’s father – [BroBible]

Concept art from scrapped Pixar project – [Neatorama]

A gallery of funny pictures – [Caveman]

The most bizarre McFarlane figures ever – [ToplessRobot]

A gallery of Morena Baccarin – [Barnorama]


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