The Final Countdown: Villain Quotes, Sequel Ruining and Best Selling Games

Go here to see famous lines from the bad guys.

Everyone loves a good villain quote, and this gallery/list has them all. Do you think they’re missing any here?

The Countdown

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  • Jake Fortner

    That Pajiba article scared me. On a simple level, it is correct: The Oscars do not represent what will garner a cult following, or what films will be passed down for generations, or even what the movie-dgoing-public at large will see multiple times. But that doesn’t really mean jack shit in the long run.

    People have been lightly talking about The Master because a lot of people didn’t like it. I did, and it is my favorite film this year, but I’m not upset it didn’t get the best pic nom because I didn’t think it could translate with audiences as well as it could to someone who gave it the time to gestate, and rewatched it to understand all that was working under the hood. This film reminds me of the influence people like Bergman or Akira Kurosawa or especially Stanley Kubrick has had on the generations that followed them. But in the context that Pajiba states films are in, those films aren’t worth people’s time and aren’t what one would call truly “best”. That is absolutely absurd. You mean because I don’t want to rewatch Seven Samurai (and it’s 4 hour running time) when I have friends over means I don’t think it is one of the greatest and most influential films of all time? How is that any sense?

    Beloved modern filmmakers like Christopher Nolan are obviously inspired and influenced by these filmmakers and their films that “no one likes”. Without Kubrick, Nolan wouldn’t exist. And without Bergman or Kurosawa, Kubrick might not exist. Why then, do these films not hold the same respect from this new age of film buffs? Why does the modern internet film buff tote cult films as classics, and classics as overrated? It has perplexed me and horrifies me for my own future in filmmaking if ever that comes to pass. I want to be clear: I liked the Avengers and found it entertaining, but I will not be rewatching it unless a friend comes over and we’re stoned and want something chilling to watch. That is the attitude I have with many of these kinds of films, and I don’t think it’s far from others either. If you ignore the getting stoned part (which was not meant to be derogatory, but a literal explanation of my attitude when I am in the mood for these films), then it becomes a very easy to understand feeling when the urge to watch these films comes up: to be easily entertained. Emphasis on “easily”. And there is nothing wrong with that! I have seen The Dark Knight Rises three times now, despite not caring for the film all that much, and I did it because it sounded entertaining. But I find entertainment and enlightenment out of other, more complex films, too – and often times more so, so long as I am willing to put in the extra effort.

    The article lists the last seven years of best pic noms and winners, and asks how many we have rewatched. I have seen There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men around 5-15 times now. I love those films. I’ve seen The Social Network a handful as well.

    What I mean to say is that just because films aren’t of your particular expectation doesn’t mean they aren’t good or influential, and it is ignorant to say otherwise. I enjoy blockbusters, I enjoy films purely for entertainment and nothing more, but I would not delude myself into thinking that that was the future of filmmaking. They are fun, they are enjoyable, but as far as influence they are not lasting more often than not on me as a person, and most people I know. The Avengers is not going to surpass the influence of other nominees like Argo. That is absurd. I love movies, and don’t mean to rant on your site Paul, and none of this is directed at you, as I am a fan, but I wanted to say that the film doesn’t have to be like this.

    Love to all of you, users and writers a like.

  • GrandWazoo

    Inglourious Basterdds, Juno, and The Departed. Those were the only three I have rewatched (and I actually love The Departed and Inglourious Basterds)