The Final Countdown: Video Game Logic, Marvel Directors and E3 Themes


Go here to see frustrating video game logic.

“Look, we’ve been saying it since we were old enough to turn on a Nintendo: The computer is a stupid cheater. And now we have proof.”

The Countdown

The next five directors Marvel will hire – [Pajiba]

The running theme of E3, “We Listened to You” – [Insert Coin]

Where are they now: Napoleon Dynamite – [FilmDrunk]

Why Sauron is really a good guy – [GeeksAreSexy]

Netflix finds its Kingpin – [TVO]

When the streets become inspirational – [TheChive]

The Bruce Lee of bartending – [WWIW]

Walter White Jr. wishes a Happy Father’s Day – [NerdApproved]

The world’s oldest pants – [Neatorama]

Weird things Twitter taught about athletes – [BroBible]

New Sin City 2 trailer – [ToplessRobot]

New Ninja Turtles posters – [Gunaxin]

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