The Final Countdown: Video Game Companions, Terrifying Speeches and Black Friday Deals

Go here to see the best video game companions.

“We all know the hero is the face of a video game franchise, but few realize that the sidekick companion is often the heart. You may be doing all the running and jumping, but there’s no way you could keep it up without solid support.”

The Countdown

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The Muppet show’s best skits – [WarmingGlow]

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Some funny Google Easter Eggs – [TheChive]

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Politicians upset about Modern Warfare 3 – [GeeksAreSexy]

Coming soon: waterproof iPhones – [Socialhype]

Awesome LEGO Freddie Mercury – [Neatorama]

Today’s girl is MISS PIGGY! – [Maxim]

Call of Duty – Ridiculous Warfare – [GamerToob]

More shots of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus – [ToplessRobot]

A Portal themed bedroom? – [Guyism]


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