The Final Countdown: Video Game Characters Relax, The Avengers and WoW vs. LoL

Go here to see what video game characters do with their down time.

“Video game characters are like work friends. We only see them in their professional clothes, doing their job, trying not to let any dangerous hints of personality accidentally poke out. And like work friends, we’d imagine it would be a little jarring to encounter them at the Olive Garden.”

The Countdown

The Avengers has new character banners – [FilmDrunk]

World of Warcraft losing to League of Legends – [Insert Coin]

25 math geek tattoos – [HolyTaco]

This guy is a parkour legend – [SocialHype]

The best Twilight parodies – [UGO]

It’s photobomb Friday – [theChive]

A great Parks and Rec last night – [Pajiba]

A cool Fallout New Vegas Charmer costume – [GeeksAreSexy]

Create your own Terminator mod – [Neatorama]

A COD4 Star Wars mod – [GamerToob]

Today’s girl is Ashley Greene – [Maxim]

Michael Jordon playing poker with cash – [BroBible]

Awesome dog is friends with a horse – [Attuworld]

1o pictures from within the friend zone – [CavemanCircus]



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