The Final Countdown: Urban Video Game Legends, Cosplay Booth Babes, and Deathtroopers CD


I trust everyone had a wonderful week.  And today?  It’s Friday the 13th!  Oh boy.  To me it really just means one more day until Valentine’s day and that’s like…kind of torture.  I mean as men we’re really just paying for sex on that day right?  Yup, I think we are.  Such a scam.  But have a great weekend kids!

The Countdown

The Top 13 Urban Video Game Legends – [I-Am-Bored]

Anyone interested in Cosplay Booth Babes? – [Gonintendo]

A Deathtroopers CD Give Away – [The Force]

The Little Mermaid (not what you think) – [Unique Daily]

67 Computers missing from Nuclear Weapons lab – [N4G]

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