The Final Countdown: TV Killers, Bruce Wayne and a New Nintendo Console?

Go here to see the best TV serial killers.

Ghostface may be back in theaters this weekend, but since he’s been gone, he’s been outpaced by a whole bunch of TV serial killers that are badder than he ever was. It was too obvious to make Dexter my lead picture, but yeah, he’s in there.

Unreality’s Facebook page just watched all three Screams in two days. Ugh.

The Countdown

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  • Ali

    Hello! I figured maybe you’d want to include a painting I just did in one of your future art posts. It’s called “Akuna Matata”

  • Josh

    Just letting you know, the Best Buy ad that pops up most frequently on the site is by far the most annoying ad ever.There is no “continue to unreality” option, so you have to wait the full 20 – 30 seconds just to see the page (or hit f5, but sometimes the ad will pop up again after doing that). Sometimes it will take a couple minutes for the ad to pop up, which is even more annoying as I’m in the middle of reading a post.