The Final Countdown: TV Idiots, Mysteries Explained and PSN’s Fix Date

Go here to see TV’s biggest idiots.

The “idiot” has been the staple of many TV shows over the years, practically too many to count. But some are better than others, and this is a list of the best.

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The Countdown

10 unsolved mysteries explained by science – [Cracked]

Sony announces when the PSN will be fixed, again – [Insert Coin]

The summer movie codpiece quiz – [FilmDrunk]

25 awesome comic book cosplay teams – [GammaSquad]

How the elderly understand the internet – [HolyTaco]

Settlers of Catan: McDonald’s edition – [CollegeHumor]

Today’s girl is Olivia Thirlby – [Maxim]

10 awesome old school video game commercials – [ForkParty]

Find what’s wrong with this picture – [Izismile]

A gallery of great Harley Quinn cosplay – [UGO]

Medical phenomena explained – [SmokingJacket]

9 celebrities who used to be really poor – [Guyism]

Jersey Shore might get kicked out of Italy – [TVSquad]

The Dark Tower movie might not happen – [ToplessRobot]

A parking lot puzzle – [DoubleViking]

  • Bert

    FYI – the Cosplay teams link currently goes to just a picture, not the whole article.

  • Tim

    Hey Paul, just wanted to let you know I found a slick way to play Black Ops (and other new multiplayer games) online on the PS3 while the PSN is down. I was checking on how to setup a LAN match in Black Ops and came across a program called XLink Kai that you run on your computer connected to your network and you basically trick your PS3 into thinking your playing a LAN game but its through the internet. Its similar to what people used to play titles like Halo 1 online on the original Xbox. You have to go through a few setup steps that might seem alittle confusing to some but there’s alot of help info. And once it works, its pretty damn sweet to play online again. And its all legit. I just thought you or your readers might like to know.