The Final Countdown: TV Couples We Want, Ridiculous Pet Products and Sony and Nintendo Struggling

Go here to see TV couples we’re rooting for.

“The union of Pam and Jim and the failure of Andy and Erin to become the new Pam and Jim has all but killed “The Office”. “Parks and Recreation” has been handling their little relationships quite beautifully, I think. But that could fall apart if they try to drag the sitcom out for another four seasons. ”

The Countdown

Pet products that prove rich people are insane – [Cracked]

Sony, Nintendo suffer as consoles age – [Insert Coin]

Allison Brie makes balloon animals – [WarmingGlow]

A secret Pokemon military academy – [Smosh]

We’re Trekkies and we know it – [GeeksAreSexy]

First day of school photo progression – [theChive]

Translating your girlfriend – [Holytaco]

Man vs. Goose saber battle – [WWIW]

The loneliest outhouses on earth – [Neatorama]

A cool new indie FPS trailer – [GamerToob]

The best horror movies of 2011 – [Ranker]

Today’s girl is Jenn Brown – [Maxim]

Jon Hamm gives teen girls advice – [BroBible]

An Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay teaser – [G4TV]

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