The Final Countdown: TV Assassins, Real World Jedi Mind Tricks and Pegg and Frost’s Star Wars

Go here to see TV’s best assassins.

Oh Brother Mouzone, how I miss your no BS killing on The Wire, and your awesome team-up with Omar. The rest of this list is full of other great TV hitmen (and women) who (almost) never failed to get the job done.

Unreality’s Facebook page has a $100,000 bounty on its head.

The Countdown

Real world sales Jedi mind tricks – [Cracked]

Pegg and Frost do Star Wars – [CollegeHumor]

Angry Birds exec sayings console gaming dying –  [Insert Coin]

Russian X-Men trailer with new footage – [FilmDrunk]

Sandman TV series not happening – [WarmingGlow]

Five videos of people high after dentist – [HolyTaco]

Emma Watson drops out of school – [Pajiba]

Today’s girl is Britney Spears – [Maxim]

10 comic book games that don’t suck – [ForkParty]

Star Wars: TOR preview – [G4TV]

20 amazing light painting photos – [DJMick]

Seven cool videos from Massive Attack – [Gunaxin]

Two girls think they’re looking in a mirror – [Attuworld]

Bullied kid fights back in a big way – [CavemanCircus]

Rare footage of Elvis Presley – [BroBible]


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