The Final Countdown: Transformers Songs, Pop Culture Questions and Escape Dead Island


Go here to see the songs Transformers needs.

“Thankfully, here at Filmdrunk Industries, Inc. (Slogan: “We make mirth so you don’t have to!?)” we strive to offer the very best in movie director consulting. Here are ten superb contextual songs that could be (or could have been) woven seamlessly into the Transformers franchise. C’mon Bay-man Islands, it’s never too late to start changing your destiny. Just ask Saruman!”

The Countdown

Pop culture questions answered by superfans – [Cracked]
Escape Dead Island looks crazy and weird – [Insert Coin]
The top ten fictional Canadians – [Pajiba]
FOX cancels new Egypt show before it airs – [TVO]
The Captain American statistics song – [GeeksAreSexy]
Athletes who should embrace their baldness – [Uncoached]
Nintendo’s highest selling game systems – [Worthly]
Beyonce is the most powerful celebrity – [CelebrityToob]
29 celebrity impressions in one song – [WWIW]
Back to the Future’s Easter Egg – [TheChive]
Guides to do useless things – [Izismile]
Understand soccer for bandwagon-jumpers – [Caveman]

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