The Final Countdown: Top 250, Getting People to Like You and 3DS Numbers


Go here to see the 41 movies from IMDB’s top 250 on Netflix right now.

“If you’re looking for more recent theatrical releases, I don’t find that Netflix has a particularly good selection of movies (here’s a list of The Best Most Recent Releases on Netflix (2012-2013 Theatrical Releases), but if you’re interested in better, rather than more recent, selections, Netflix does an all right job of it.”

The Countdown

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The name meanings of all fifty states – [Neatorama]

What is the best fantasy movie ever made? – [io9]

Spider dances the YMCA – [Geekologie]

10 shocking facts about McDonald’s – [WWIW]

Perfect photos of major fails – [Izismile]

Who do you want to see on the cover? – [Maxim]

Boardwalk Empire will end after next season – [BroBible]

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