The Final Countdown: Time Travel Movies, Children’s Characters and Sony’s In-Game Ads

Go here to see the most successful time travel movies of all time.

“There was a big time-travel element involved in MIB III, which is excuse enough to take a gander at the ten highest grossing time-travel films of all time adjusted for inflation. With the adjustment, MIB III may have a difficult time breaking the top ten before the end of its run.”

The Countdown

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  • Diablo

    Hey Paul, about your Sony Patent deal…they “may” be patenting this just to lock up in game advertising to prevent a game developer from doing the same thing, leading to major backlash against Sony. A lot of companies get what I would call “spurious” patents on technology that the company has no plans on further developing, but desire preventing it from being worked on by potential rivals. Hell…that’s pretty much Apples major business model now a day where they are constantly trying to patent everything under the sun vice actually making innovating products.

    As an engineer, I got to say, the US patent system is quite “favorable” to large corporations. Hell, the Edison family still has a fucking active patent on the light bulb…if that doesn’t show the system is flawed, I don’t know what does.

  • Mouserz

    Thanks for the link to the blurry security cam picture of a guy in a wheelchair, it was very fascinating, especially since you cant make out anything about a robbery, and it has no description other than the tile “Wheelchair man foils robbery”.