The Final Countdown: Thundercats Anime, Mistranslations and a Human Centipede Musical

Go here to see the new Thundercats.

The Thundercats are coming back in a new anime that looks surprisingly…good? Yeah, I know. Go above to see a video of the cats in action.

Unreality’s Facebook page is fascinated with the Fruity Pebbles debate.

The Countdown

Six mistranslations that changed the world – [Cracked]

Human Centipede becomes a musical – [FilmDrunk]

Anonymous declares war on Sony – [Insert Coin]

25 kick-ass monkeys – [HolyTaco]

First look at Will Ferrell on The Office – [UGO]

Bill and Ted 3 teased by Keanu – [Pajiba]

The Green Lantern trailer for WonderCon – [IAmBored]

The ultimate internet meme love song – [CollegeHumor]

Today’s girl is Olivia Wilde! Hooray! – [Maxim]

Star Wars plus zombies – [ForkParty]

10 workouts you can do with your dog – [AskMen]

Oooh Jordana Brewster in Maxim – [Brobible]

Five thing men can learn from Gossip Girl – [SmokingJacket]

A tribute to 1980s wrestling – [Gunaxin]

A human jigsaw puzzle – [Attuworld]



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