The Final Countdown: The Billy Mays Redubs, A Very Quick Look at Comic Con, and Wuss Movie Villains


Do any of you recognize this guy?  If you don’t you should.  He’s only on your television about 60 times a day screaming and yelling about some product that is completely useless.  Though you have to hand it to Billy Mays for busting his ass trying to sell Kaboom.   I know that after seeing the same ad 2000 times that I’m tempted to purchase it.  And my guess is that most Americans give in to these temptations.

The Countdown

Informercial Billy Mays Redubs, these are hilarious – [Filmdrunk]

New York Comic Con in 90 seconds – [Cinematical]

Who is the least terrifying movie villain? – [Topless Robot]

Soderbergh and Pitt team up for Moneyball – [Filmbums]

A Few Screens of House of the Dead:  Overkill – [Gonintendo]

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