The Final Countdown: Superhero Lessons, 2014’s Crush and Elder Scrolls Online


Go here to see ugly lessons hiding in superhero movies.

So I know what you’re asking: Is the sudden, raging success of this genre a sign of a toxic corruption in the collective soul of our society? Probably! Specifically, it seems to imply that deep down, we are all Sylvester Stallones. Confused? Well, it will make perfect sense once you realize the moral of these movies always boils down to …

The Countdown

Who will be 2014’s new crush after Jennifer Lawrence? – [Pajiba]

Will Elder Scrolls Online’s pay model work? – [Insert Coin]

The most searched for TV shows in 2013 – [TVOvermind]

Comic about the Steam sale – [GeeksAreSexy]

Ben Foster ate dirt for latest movie role – [FilmDrunk]

Kat Dennings wins the People’s Choice Awards – [TheBlemish]

A really awesome dog rescue – [Izismile]

Girl spends $30K to convert house to enterprise – [TheChive]

It’s a good thing Pokemon isn’t real – [Neatorama]

Google secrets you should see – [WWIW]

Expensive versions of everyday items – [Heavy]

Today’s girl is Scarlett Johansson – [Maxim]

If Cosmo was for guys – [BroBible]

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