The Final Countdown: Superhero Fan Films, Bruce Wayne Dead and Sith Stealing Christmas

Go here to see the best superhero fan films.

“These flicks are from a fan’s perspective, so they can take some liberties with the source material, but they’re also honest, ambitious, and sometimes incredible. Here are the eleven best superhero fan films that everybody needs to see.”

The Countdown

Why Nolan will kill Bruce Wayne – [Cracked]

The Sith who stole Christmas – [GeeksAreSexy]

This week in movie posters – [FilmDrunk]

25 real life superheroes – [HolyTaco]

A woman terrified of kittens – [WarmingGlow]

It’s Cyber Monday! – [Neatorama]

Twilight starts giving seizures – [PopCrunch]

Still Alive on floppy drives – [GamerToob]

Self pop tarting is a new trend – [TheChive]

10 family movies that opened better than The Muppets – [Pajiba]

Today’s girl is Tamala Jones – [Maxim]

A ridiculous Tim Tebow tattoo – [BroBible]

Skyrim factions and guilds guide – [G4TV]

John Barrowman is a badass – [ToplessRobot]

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