The Final Countdown: Summer Shows You Missed, Horrifying Game Moments and CW’s Wonder Woman Casting

Go here to see the five best shows you didn’t watch over the summer.

“NBC gets an early start on the fall television season this week, introducing several new comedies, as well as bringing back “The Voice” tonight and “Parenthood” (yay!) tomorrow night (along with “Sons of Anarchy” on FX, which I’ll be recapping over on WG this fall), and even “Saturday Night Live” this weekend (with three new additions). I am torn about the return of fall television, as I’ve enjoyed reducing my television viewing schedule from around 25-30 shows a week to around 10-12 (plus catching up on a few of last year’s shows).”

The Countdown

Horrifying moments from kids’ video games – [Cracked]

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Doing the weather as Catwoman – [GeeksAreSexy]

The greatest NBC comedies ever – [Ranker]

Thor 2 battle photos – [ScreenCrush]

Some very interesting couples – [TheChive]

Taco Bell vs. Old Spice – [WWIW]

Brave wounded soldier comes home – [Barnorama]

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Once Upon a Time is Disney fan fiction – [ToplessRobot]

Remixing great fight scenes – [Heavy]

Jerry Lawler has a heart attack on WWE live – [BroBible]


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