The Final Countdown: Summer Anti-Blockbusters, Creepy Superhero Origins and Draw Something’s Decline

Go here to see the most anticipated anit-blockbusters of the year.

“Summer is also a great time for smaller, independent films. Unfortunately, they’re very much likely to be overshadowed by the huge action-film spectacles and sequels, as they are every year. So before you head to the theaters to catch Whedon’s latest, we’d like to highlight ten smaller films coming out this summer that might be worth your attention.”

The Countdown

Creepy superhero origins the movies left out – [Cracked]

Draw Something loses 5M players – [Insert Coin]

May the Fourth be with you – [GammaSquad]

The best of cross gender cosplay – [Smosh]

How to draw R2D2 – [GeeksAreSexy]

The best gamer gear at the – [UnrealityStore]

It’s photobomb Friday – [theChive]

A gallery of supermodel yearbook photos – [WWIW]

A dog trained to fetch beer – [BroBible]

A cat that washes the dishes – [Neatorama]

A Black Ops 2 trailer parody – [GamerToob]

Today’s girl is Colbie Smulders – [Maxim]

Kate Upton and bridal bikinis? – [Guyism]

A new Amazing Spider-Man trailer – [Gunaxin]

The best and worst free comic book day titles – [ToplessRobot]

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