The Final Countdown: Stupid Secret Identities, Actresses off the Market and the Iron Man of Gaming


Go here to see the stupidest secret identities.

Almost every superhero needs a secret identity, but you would think that they would put a little more thought into the process sometimes. These nine heroes have the dumbest secret identities ever, go here to see what they are.

Unreality’s Facebook page needs no mask.

The Countdown

The hottest women who are now off the market – [Maxim]

Behold, the Iron Man of Gaming Tournament – [Asylum]

Girls want more violent video games it seems – [Double Kill]

A gallery of signature celebrity poses – [Izismile]

25 epic air guitar videos – [HolyTaco]

Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale rant mashup – [FilmDrunk]

Will Mad Men actually be coming back? – [WarmingGlow]

Lebron James toilet paper now exists – [SportsIllustrated]

The 28 richest directors of all time – [Pajiba]

A great Star Wars/ET mashup shirt – [UGO]

X-play’s top 10 games of the year so far – [G4TV]

BP has Daniel Day Lewis on their side – [Atom]

Oh, I’m just walking my dinosaur – [Attuworld]

The 20 worst internet losers – [Heavy]

The biggest nerd regrets ever – [ToplessRobot]

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