The Final Countdown: Spielberg is Shady, The Dollhouse Exists, and Cops like to Play Wii


Click on the photo to see why Spielberg is shady

Remember that Paranormal Activity trailer from a while back? The one that showed people getting really scared over a movie that didn’t look that scary? Well it turns out one of the scared people was… Steven Spielberg!

The Countdown

The Dollhouse exists (in Japan of course) – [Topless Robot]

Cops stop a drug raid to play Wii – [Blog of Hilarity]

A woman’s perspective on “Lord of the Rings” – [Asylum]

Sexy Dominique Dicaprio is “Miss Howard TV” – [Screenjunkies]

13 Real Life animals straight from your nightmares – [Cracked]

Director flips out on actor and crew – [Doubleviking]

Five kickass sidekicks who are way cooler than their bosses – [Gunaxin]

Did you know that the Grooler is a real product? – [On205th]

The Eco 07 reinvention of the wheel – [Attuworld]

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