The Final Countdown: Sons Finale Odds, Creepy Cartoons and Sexualization in Video Games

Go here to see the odds of who will die in the Sons of Anarchy finale.

“The show is also infamous for killing off characters at the end of, or near the end of each season, including Half Sack, A.J. Weston, June Stahl, Piney Winston, and Jimmy Phelan. Last night’s penultimate episode came and went without anybody dying, so I’m assuming that someone HAS to die in the finale. Who? Let’s place some odds.”

The Countdown

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  • Steve

    That sexuality-in-videogames article was SUPERB, Paul. I’ve used the same argument, about the perfect male figure in body paint and briefs being no different than catwoman blinking along in the same and being “sexualized” … meanwhile, here’s Namor in bikini briefs.

    Dude’s only surpassed by Dr Manhattan in terms of comically nude heroes… but there’s been nothing funny about female nudity in comics since She-Hulk’s 4th wall breaking comments about her clothes being destroyed constantly.

  • anon

    Wtf is a shopping cat?

  • trashcanman

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for having the balls to point out how stupid this whole sexist video games argument is, Tassi. It’s like you opened up my brain, pulled out my own thoughts, and laid them out in a much more polite manner than I would have. Political correctness without common sense is a very obnoxious thing and it’s nice to hear from the voice of reason on the internet since it happens so rarely.