The Final Countdown: Small Movie Changes, Supergirl and Diablo 3’s Launch

Go here to see tiny changes that would have saved bad movies.

“There are plenty great movies that were one tiny mistake away from being great films. Hell, if the shark in Jaws hadn’t been a complete catastrophe, that movie could have been ridiculous. We asked you to show us some other tiny changes that could have turned terrible movies into classics.”

The Countdown

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The Raid: Redemption with cats – [FilmDrunk]

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Some of the funniest names ever – [theChive]

20 facts about Thor you should know – [Pajiba]

When Iron Man meets Batman – [WWIW]

I swear this is real corn – [Neatorama]

Ride of the MAVs in Battlefield 3 – [GamerToob]

Today’s girl is Eva Longoria – [Maxim]

The 25 best Horatio one-liners – [Guyism]

Five more ridiculous board game movie concepts – [Gunaxin]

The five best Barney Stinson quotes – [Caveman]


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