The Final Countdown: Skyrim Mods, Video Game Rampages and the PS Vita T-Rex

Go here to see the best Skyrim Steam workshop mods.

You had me at Dragonbone weapons. It’s a great game, but it could always be better, and mods are the best way to get it to a whole new level.

The Countdown

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  • VileThings

    I wish more developers (or the publishers controlling them) would realize this simple recipe:

    1. Make a good game.
    2. Make it moddable (sp?).
    3. Provide the community with a modding kit.
    4. …
    5. Profit!

  • Draugr

    Games being moddable (and including map makers) were more the rule than the exception not too far back, you can thank DLC for putting a stop to that.

    This is why we won’t see mods on consoles. Beyond the technical issues, of which there would be many, there isn’t some way to monetize the shit out of it, so the console manufacturers won’t really be motivated to work it out. They prefer their model of ‘whenever you want to download some additional content for this game it should be something we can charge you for.’

  • jake stone

    Wow, even the Forbes’ editors cannot use “it’s” correctly….