The Final Countdown: September Movies, Bad Sequel Ideas and New “New” 3DS


Go here to see September movies that may not suck.

“September is rough. After the summer movie season’s ended but before the awards contenders start to come out, it’s one of the months where studios tend to dump movies they don’t know what to do with like so many steaming piles of cinematic shit. (Also: January. GTFO, January.) The bounty is over, and now you’re stuck with Dolphin Tale 2.”

The Countdown

The worst ideas for Disney/Pixar sequels – [Cracked]

Nintendo debuts new “New 3DS” – [Insert Coin]

FXX will now by The Simpsons channel – [WarmingGlow]

Reese Witherspoon back as Elle Woods – [FilmDrunk]

A nightmarish Groot mask – [GeeksAreSexy]

Five networks that could pick up Longmire – [TVO]

Five phrases your boss likes to hear – [SheBudgets]

Central Perk opening in NYC – [CelebrityToob]

The most expensive deserts of all time – [Worthly]

Today’s kids don’t understand these things – [Izismile]

Trying to understand kids – [TheChive]

The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]

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