The Final Countdown: Secretly Crazy Celebrities, Ridiculous Online Dating Sites and the Game Germany Banned for Two Decades

Go here to see five insane outbursts by normally sane celebrities.

“Everyone knows about Michael Richards and Mel Gibson’s racist tirades. We’ve all seen Britney Spears’ multiple meltdowns. We already know these people are fuck-ups. But there’s a more subversive type of star out there — one who keeps his dark side well out of the public eye.”

The Countdown

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Five ways to get beer on a budget – [SmokingJacket]

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  • Lubz

    Is anyone really that surprised that Tarentino or Maher are nuts?

  • Tim

    THe beer on a budget article was one of the most pointless articles I’ve read in awhile. And I read stuff that’s shit, like a lot of it.

  • Jake Stone

    Glad you are working for Forbes. But don’t be a fool. Doom was banned in Germany because of the Nazi imagery. They have one what they can do over the years to damage control the 30s and 40s…. That includes draconian measures like banning the swastika and anything resembling Nazi regalia. They are coming to their senses now that time has rendered anyone with any connection to that shameful period dead.