The Final Countdown: Season Finales, Surprisingly Dark Movies and a Disappointing E3

Go here to see the 2012 season finales ranked.

“A good season finale is a tricky thing to pull off. Showrunners usually want to save up some pow/wallop for the end of the year, but a show can suffer when too much gets stuffed into one hour. Similarly, when a show’s been on a long time, it can fall into a sticky trap of constantly trying to out-do itself”

The Countdown

Light hearted movies with dark implications – [Cracked]

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo tie for last at E3 – [Insert Coin]

Woody Allen making a movie with Louis CK? – [FilmDrunk]

Famous creatures that would be good Pokemon – [Smosh]

An R2D2 budgie talking – [GeeksAreSexy]

How to write a comedy article – [HolyTaco]

14 great geek culture mashups – [GammaSquad]

I hate my job, a gallery – [theChive]

LA plays the Jersey Shore card during hockey – [WWIW]

Domain squatting as an art form – [Neatorama]

Today’s girl is Rosalyn Sanchez – [Maxim]

Van Damme has a hot daughter – [BroBible]

Some Halo 4 gameplay – [G4TV]

Aliens: The Musical – [Heavy]


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