The Final Countdown: Scrubs Finale, Insane Jobs and Metamazon


Go here to see Zach Braff talk Scrubs season nine.

“Bedridden with bronchitis and hopped up on antibiotics, Zach Braff addressed the difficulty How I Met Mother had in ending with the perfect finale by correctly acknowledging that Six Feet Under had the best series finale ever.”

The Countdown

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Kristen Bell sings Frozen – [TheBlemish]

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14 fun facts about manatees – [Neatorama]

A gallery of first world problems – [Izismile]

If other HBO shows merged with GOT – [WWIW]

Jobs that should never be taken by robots – [Maxim]

What Barney Stinson got right and wrong – [BroBible]

The 25 greatest baseball movies – [Gunaxin]

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