The Final Countdown: Scary Game Ads, Batman vs. Superman and Xbox One Support


Go here to see the most needlessly terrifying video game commercials ever.

“Making a commercial for a video game shouldn’t require any more thought than making a movie trailer — just show us some footage from the game and tell us what console it’s for and when it’s coming out. “Body horror and/or implied sexual violence” shouldn’t be included, unless those are key elements of the game, we suppose. However, if the purpose of a video game commercial is to deeply terrify your young fan base so profoundly that they wouldn’t dare forget your product, the creators of the following doses of nightmare elixir succeeded brilliantly.”

The Countdown

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Xbox One getting external hard drive support – [Insert Coin]

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The Zelda theme performed on pots and bottles – [GeeksAreSexy]

iPhone ringtones get remixed – [TheChive]

The leaked plot of Jurassic Park 4 – [Neatorama]

JJ Abrams will give you a role in Star Wars – [NerdApproved]

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MTV cribs with Stormtroopers – [WWIW]

Bill Hader getting his own HBO show – [BroBible]

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