The Final Countdown: RIP Pete Postlethwaite, Historical Supervillains and Tarantino’s Top 20

RIP Pete Postlethwaite.

You probably don’t know who Pete Postlethwaite is, but you’ve definitely seen him a lot recently. He’s been in The Town, Inception and Clash of the Titans this year alone, and Steven Spielberg once called him “one of the greatest actors of all time.” He passed away from cancer yesterday at the age of 65.

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  • Gabriel

    Help me out here, I can’t place him in Inception, I know he was there but I am having a hard time remembering who Pete Postlethwaite was in that movie.

  • Jamie

    Small point, he was 64 and not 65.


    He plays Robert Fischer’s dying father, who founded the company Maurice Fischer.

  • Jamie


    The company was called Fischer Morrow. Maurice Fischer was the character’s name.

  • Gabriel

    Ah! Ok I remember now! Thanks Jamie 🙂