The Final Countdown: Recycled TV Shows, Killer Aliens and Herman Cain’s SimCity Tax Plan

Go here to see kids shows slapped together with recycled material.

“When you were a kid, you didn’t question where cartoons came from. The Ninja Turtles were just there, having wacky adventures even as you turned off the screen, possibly watching you as you slept. Of course, as you grew up you realized that a lot of these shows were made to do nothing but sell toys.”

The Countdown

The most dangerous killer aliens – [UGO]

Herman Cain took his tax plan from SimCity – [Insert Coin]

Superman gets shirtless on set – [FilmDrunk]

Jedi Ninja Turtles? Absolutely – [GammaSquad]

Basketball vs. Frisbee trickshots – [theChive]

An awesome portal N64 – [GamerToob]

Who will be John McClane Jr? – [Pajiba]

Today’s girl is  Julianne Hough – [Maxim]

Fred Durst on a CBS comedy? – [PopCrunch]

Every zombie kill in The Walking Dead – [BroBible]

Die Hard gets a cartoon makeover – [ForkParty]

Ten amazing Steve Jobs prophecies – [Gunaxin]

The new Star Wars 3D poster – [ToplessRobot]

The only way to win a fight – [CavemanCircus]



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