The Final Countdown: Real Superpowers, SNL Drama and Arya Stark Cosplay


Go here to see mutant superpowers people actually have.

“It turns out that the X-Men exist … kind of. But in place of optic blasts and telekinesis, there’s bulging eyeballs and strong genitals.”

The Countdown

SNL writer in hot water for slavery jokes – [Pajiba]
Easily the best Arya Stark cosplay we’ve ever seen – [Uncoached]
Are MOBAs the new MMOs? – [Insert Coin]
15 women Jerry dated on Seinfeld – [TVOvermind]
The Most Outrageous Celebrity Guest Appearance Fees – [Celebritytoob]
Photoshoppted Star Wars VII movie poster – [GeeksAreSexy]
There’s an X-Men post credits scene in Spider-Man – [FilmDrunk]
The only stupid questions are on Twitter – [TheChive]
Do not touch the Avril Lavigne – [TheBlemish]
Great authors who disowned their own books – [io9]
Was Hogan’s Heroes a tasteless sitcom? – [Neatorama]
The Simpons meet Big Lebowski – [WWIW]
Girl Meets World gets a premiere date – [Maxim]
MMA submissions that probably won’t work for you – [Gunaxin]


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