The Final Countdown: Real Movie Scenes, The Razzies and Nintendo’s Pokemon Refusal

Go here to see the most badass movie scenes that happened in real life.

“Action movies have always been in an arms race to outdo each other. Stunts and effects get bigger, louder, and stupider. There’s no time for realism when they’re too busy showing us Vin Diesel ramping a car over a train while both are simultaneously exploding. But sometimes, real life does in fact resemble a Michael Bay movie, only minus the giant robots (usually).”

The Countdown

The Razzies have been announced – [FilmDrunk]

Why won’t Nintendo make a Pokemon console game? – [Insert Coin]

Kirkman wanted Mazzara off the Walking Dead – [TVOvermind]

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See your insides on the outside – [GeeksAreSexy]

New poster for the Walking Dead – [ScreenCrush]

Trail of Cheetos leads to man’s arrest – [Pedal]

A rather amazing portable hard drive – [TheChive]

Predicting 2013 Oscar snubs – [Pajiba]

The cat known as Pasta Batman – [WWIW]

Photos of people in mid- [Neatorama]

The 15 best ways to break up – [BroBible]

Today’s girl is Olivia Thirlby – [Maxim]

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