The Final Countdown: Real Life Sci-fi, Celebrity Godfathers and Best Shooters of 2013


Go here to see sci-fi locations that exist in the real world.

“Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie and wished you could go to film’s world? Well, it turns out you can if you can pull yourself out of the basement.”

The Countdown

Celebrities who are godfathers to other celebrities – [Pajiba]

The five best shooters of 2013 – [Insert Coin]

The most disappointing TV finales – [TVOvermind]

Real person named Walter White sentenced for meth – [WarmingGlow]

Hidden pieces of Batman graffiti – [GeeksAreSexy]

An amazing floating bookshelf – [Neatorama]

Step up your holiday gift game – [TheChive]

Chris Brown’s probation revoked – [TheBlemish]

25 years of Christmas for a family – [WWIW]

Jennifer Lawrence photoshopped skinnier – [Izismile]

Today’s girl is Amy Adams – [Maxim]

The Christmas list of a 29 year old – [BroBible]

Man donates lottery win to charity – [Heavy]

  • Mr B

    No mention for Star Trek Enterprise for one of the worst finales ever? Would have beaten Lost for the title, if Lost hadn’t so spectacularly failed to answer so many open plot points.