The Final Countdown: Product Placement, Green Lantern and Bad Movie Singing

Go here to see movies ruined by product placement.

Product placement is common practice in movies these days, sometimes to the extent where they actually are the stars of the damn film (Transformers). But what would it be like if other movies gave into the free cash temptation?

Enter Unreality’s own photoshop contest! Go go go!

The Countdown

New Green Lantern trailer is quite good – [FilmDrunk]

The ten worst singing performances on film – [Pajiba]

Sony won’t testify over security breach – [Insert Coin]

AMC  has a new show about cowboys – [WarmingGlow]

Hooray a Katie Upton gallery – [HolyTaco]

A latex Super Mario Bros suit huh? – [UGO]

Malin Akerman’s celebrity photo PSA – [CollegeHumor]

Today’s girl is Megan Fox – [Maxim]

Kittens and metal music – [ForkParty]

Six badass autobiographies – [SmokingJacket]

What the reverse hoverhand looks like – [BroBible]

Details on the HIMYM finale – [TVSquad]

The worst celebrity tattoos – [Guyism]

A gallery of cars from Cars 2 – [DJMick]

Cartoons combined with pictures – [Izismile]

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