The Final Countdown: Politically Correct Games, First Cancelled Show and Gotham Mad Men

Go here to see if games were revised to be politically correct.

“It’s a miracle that the outlandish bust sizes and Italian stereotypes we grew up with in video game universes have survived this long. We asked you to show us what it might look like if the gaming world suddenly realized that they’re supposed to be removing anything that could be seen as offensive.”

The Countdown

The first cancelled show of the season is? – [WarmingGlow]

The Mad Men of Gotham – [GeeksAreSexy]

Read my book, The Last Exodus, here! – [Amazon]

RZA is directing a crazy new movie – [GammaSquad]

Fox making a show based on Battlefield: Bad Company – [TVOvermind]

No more Louie until 2014 – [DeathTaxes]

Seven science facts that will ruin movies – [Ranker]

Watch the new trailer for Hitchcock – [TheBlemish]

11 smart cinematic psychopaths – [Pajiba]

Ultimate facepalm compilation – [WWIW]

Kim Kardashian has a comic book – [PopCrunch]

A gallery of massive trees – [Barnorama]

Nic Cage on a plane – [BroBible]

A genius way to feed the homeless – [Caveman]


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