The Final Countdown: Pokemon Trainers, Movie Guardians and Red Skull

Go here to see the weirdest types of Pokemon trainers.

We cover Pokemon a lot on the site, here but I haven’t played a game in close to a decade. As it turns out, they’ve evolved a lot, and with them there are a bunch of new trainers who seem like they shouldn’t be allowed near a Pokemon.

Unreality’s Facebook page had to choose Charmander.

The Countdown

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  • Sir Edward
  • Brandon

    Notch, the creator of Minecraft, did not say that he is pro-piracy, he said that piracy is not theft. His statement was that stealing a car and stealing a game are two different things, and that the companies that complain about piracy are handling the problem wrong if they want to eliminate it.

    Get your headlines accurate rather than going for the one with the most shock.

  • Brandon, he’s a member of the Pirate Party in Sweden, that’s about as pro-piracy as you get.