The Final Countdown: Playstation Smash Bros, Propaganda Posters and Zynga’s Decline

Assembling a Playstation Super Smash Bros?

It’s kind of a cool idea actually, wondering what it might be like if a Super Smash Bros style game was fashioned using only Playstation Exclusive characters. Who would be on the roster? Go above to find out.

The Countdown

25 propaganda posters for everyday annoyances – [Cracked]

My interview about Zynga’s customer service nightmares – [Insert Coin]

The phenomenon of “Spielberg Face” – [FilmDrunk]

25 terrible Christmas gifts – [HolyTaco]

The best of Troy and Abed – [GammaSquad]

A more accurate Skyrim trailer – [GamerToob]

Celebrities all hanging out – [TheChive]

Surprising Hollywood Republicans – [Pajiba]

The greatest viral videos of 2011 – [WWIW]

They want a total cell phone driving ban – [GeeksAreSexy]

Today’s girl is Anna Faris – [Maxim]

New trailer for The Dictator with Baron Cohen – [BroBible]

Choir sings Smash Bros theme – [ToplessRobot]

Christina Hendricks wants to sell you scotch – [Guyism]

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