The Final Countdown: Paper Samus, War Trash Talk and Blaming Video Games

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“Reader Matthew just sent in some pictures of a little project he did during the last 7 months in his spare time: A 6’10″ all paper and glue Samus Aran. To create the statue, Matthew based himself on the in-game model from Metroid Prime 2. Check it out!”

The Countdown

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  • Nick D Pags

    Paul, I am glad there are writers like you out there.

    I’m absolutely sick to death of people blaming things for what people do. Video games do not make people crazy.
    Crazy people do crazy things because they’re crazy.
    Sane people know that video games are escapism and not reality or to be imitated.

    Maybe it’s mainstream media that is losing grip on reality.

    Crazy people exist and there is nothing that is ever going to change that reality.

  • ZombieMan

    My only problems with article is how you lump what ABB did together with school shootings and the last paragraph. I don’t mean to diminish the horrors of school shootings. And I can understand the association in the sense that your media blames games for both. But what ABB did was an act of terrorism i.e. a Scandinavian 911 and his ideas did not come out of noting, but from right wing propaganda that sees Socialist as traitors.

  • trashcanman

    Wait, I thought Columbine was Marilyn Manson’s fault. Seriously, fuck the media. It’s great to have someone like you fighting back against this nonsense, Tassi. Unfortunately, FOX News still has more views than you do so the argument is not going to go anywhere. Also, no Witcher 2 journal?