The Final Countdown: Overworked Artists, Community is back and Kinect Diagnosis Autism

Go here to see artists who should probably take a break.

“I’m trying not to outright insult any of the people on this list. In fact, I’m only writing about them because I genuinely think all of these artists are great. Talented and important, and so forth. I just think they maybe lost their way, and this is my humble attempt to say “Hey, great artists who lost your way: be quiet and go hide somewhere for a little while.”

The Countdown

Community is renewed! – [Pajiba]

Kinect being used to diagnose autism – [Insert Coin]

17 new images from Prometheus – [FilmDrunk]

Now you can swim like a superhero – [GeeksAreSexy]

The worst video game box art – [Smosh]

A real life Portal turret shooting – [GamerToob]

Lindsay Lohan is strange looking again – [HollywoodTuna]

Artist draws two portraits at once – [Neatorama]

Reviewing movies without seeing them – [HolyTaco]

Perfectly timed sports photos – [TheChive]

Today’s girl is Leryn Franco – [Maxim]

Yes, a bikini hockey league – [BroBible]

A real life Transformer in action – [ToplessRobot]

TV moms gives the best advice – [Gunaxin]

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